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Abbondanza Chalk Paint

Abbondanza Chalk Paint is a traditionally produced, water based, matt paint, for furniture and walls. Eco-friendly, non yellowing, water-resistant, with low odor and easy to clean. The addition of extra amounts of chalk and the use of high quality pigments, create the special velvety matt finish and intense colours of Abbondanza Chalk Paint.

Chalk Paint is porous and allows your walls to breathe, which is good for the home environment. These qualities also make Abbondanza Chalk Paint the best choice for painting techniques like distressing, antiquing with brown or grey wax and bleaching with lime wax.

You might want to take a look at for more inspiration and painting-  and distressing techniques.

Abbondanza Chalk Paint can be applied on nearly every surface, like stained, painted or unpainted wood, plywood, stone, terracotta, concrete, plaster, walls, wallpaper, etc.